Joe Fick began his professional career as a set painter for Paramount Pictures where he was fortunate enough to work on shows such as Fraiser, Cheers, Star Trek, Sister- Sister and many more notable motion pictures. It was here that he developed an appreciation for architectural and interior design aesthetics.

He then moved on to work as an advisor at Morgan Stanley where he structured and consulted on real estate acquisitions (both as an advisor and a lender). Shortly after he worked for a Rabobank before moving to Wells Fargo Private Mortgage Banking where he specialized in high net worth clients and later earned an underwriting authority. His extensive background in real estate finance, cash flow analysis, and consultative sales has encompassed hundreds of real estate transactions within the Valley to Santa Barbara working collaboratively with relationship managers, financial advisors and CPA’s on primary, second home and investment property strategies.

Joe is a firm believer in the cardinal rule of finance: Know Your Client. He has genuine relationships with his clients, not only on a professional basis but on a personal basis. His goal is to bring a holistic and collaborative approach to each service opportunity ensuring his clients enjoy world class service while earning customer loyalty.