Raised and educated in London, Bally Khehra embodies a new breed of modern real estate professional. He has enjoyed a career spanning the music business, marketing, oil, tech, and luxury concierge, and this melting pot of experience has given him an invaluable skill set and enables him to connect with people from just about any background. The process of buying and selling a home can become overwhelming. Bally knows this first-hand and that is why he has partnered with the best in real estate, The Malibu Life Team, and Compass, to help his clients succeed in this fast-moving marketplace.

You can find Bally mainly on Instagram (@ballyville) and on his blog, Takethe101.com, where he brings together the best of what LA has to offer - restaurants, events, news and more. When he is not busy being the ‘James Bond’ of real estate, you might catch him on a golf course, developing something on the web, or watching the Premier League (soccer) with his dog, Winston.