3 Kitchen Design Inspirations

3 Kitchen Design Inspirations


The kitchen is the most important room in your house! It is the hub, the epicenter, the heart of the home. Whether it's day-to-day family life or entertaining groups on the weekends, there is no escaping the fact that a beautifully designed, functional brings friends and family together. And I'm pretty sure a beautifully designed kitchen even makes your food taste better! But don't quote me on that. 


Have a look at these three design inspirations, do you have a favorite?


"Enchanting Compound Estate"

3655 McAnany Way, Malibu CA 90265

This kitchen has elements that invoke the feeling that it is something of which has been in the family for generations. Perhaps, it has. After all, this celebrity retreat was previously owned by one of America's Favorite Movie Moms, Sally Field, the Golden Globe-winning actress. It's the love for the details.  

If you want a masterclass on how to use different materials and textures that compliment each other, that tell stories, well, then take a closer look at these pictures. Soapstone counter tops, custom cabinets and wood floors with rub bronzed finished hardware, leather bar stools, wicker storage boxes, metallic lighting, and appliances. An effortlessly classic, bistro-style kitchen. Oh, and did you catch the cheeky chalkboard fridge facades?  #ThoughtofEverything 


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"Inspired Living"

266 Quadro Vecchio Drive, Pacific Palisades CA 90272

This one is for all the minimalists. Visual continuity and a sophisticated mood done right using an array of white and gray tones folding over each other. The contrast between the high gloss floor and counters and the matt tone cabinetry and island extension compliments the elements of balance, complexity, and simplicity all at once. Lots of straight lines and smooth surfaces make this kitchen a modern marvel and a perfect spot to chop talk with friends and family. 


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"Inspired Casual Malibu Living"

6414 Cavalleri Road, Malibu CA 90265

The marble color and unique patterns that create these countertops reflect just right in this light and airy kitchen. Another contemporary design but with the well-appointed use of those wood elements captures the home's warmth and purpose to feel like a true home. Those pendant lights hanging from the ceiling are the perfect touch to an already impeccable kitchen.


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