"Get Organized! - De-cluttering your home to de-clutter your like."

"Get Organized!

De-cluttering your home to de-clutter your life."


Life can seem chaotic when you come home and all of your belongings are thrown about. Each room begins to accumulate different piles of magazines, junk, clothes, mail, etc. As Realtors in Malibu, part of our job is to direct our luxury clients on how to best prepare their homes for a sale or lease.  It is imperative that a seller and/or landlord take certain steps to keep their home organized to aid in getting top dollar and be universally appealing. We give these tips to each of our new listings to bring back some much needed order into a household. These same tips can apply to every home (whether on the market or not) and in no time, you will find that a clean and organized home is a happy home.


Step One: Pick an Area

When choosing which area of your living space to start organizing – begin with the area you use the most, such as your bedroom or your desk space.

Step Two: Separate your items into the following piles

  1. The room the item belongs in – Sort items by room and choose the location to best serve you. For example, luggage can be stored in a garage or storage room to save space because they are used less frequently.
  2. The items function – For example, office supplies should be grouped together and all go in the same container/area.
  3. Donation pile -Donate unwanted items to such organizations as the Goodwill and The Salvation Army. Some organizations will even arrange to pick up the donations from your home.  It’s a win/win to give back to charity while harmonizing and decluttering your home.
  4. Trash

You will save time by making separate piles and not stopping to put one item a way at a time. You will find that several items need to be moved to the same location. To reduce clutter, get rid of unnecessary items. As you are dividing your belongings think about the items you should keep, donate or throw away. After you have finished go back to your “KEEP” pile and think about whether you really need and use those items. Ask yourself, if you have recently used the item, or if you see yourself using it in the near future – if not, it might be best to donate it.

Step Three: Organize your items!

  1. Put away personal items on top of tables/drawers that are taking up too much space.
  2. Commit each of your drawers to one type of storage.
  3. Create storage systems for items that are larger in quantity to help you use less space.
  4. Get a filing cabinet for files and papers.
  5. Use the space under your bed – Choose underbed storage by measuring the space between the bottom of your bed and the floor.

For Closets and Drawers:

  1. Clothes should be grouped by type.
  2. Use specialized inserts to help your drawers stay neat.
  3. Roll your clothes when storing them in drawers to minimize wrinkles and maximize storage space.
  4. Use 4-tier skirt hangers to hang skirts, scarves.
  5. Hang purses on hangers.
  6. Organize shoes using shelves, overdoor organizers, or organizers that you can hang in your closet.

Store items efficiently.

  1. Use vacuum sealed bags to store your winter clothes and extra blanks to save space.
  2. Sort small items in your drawer of random items using small boxes or interlocking drawer organizers
  3. Put folded sheets into their matching pillow case for easy access.
  4. Make use of any unused space.

Step Four:  Stay Organized

  1. Fight the urge to throw unnecessary items into drawers, such as unopened mail.
  2. Don’t tell yourself you will put something away later – Put your items away right after you use them.
  3. Have a home for every item and make it a habit to put them back in that spot.
  4. Give away unnecessary items frequently and always have a bag or box in your house to throw in items you are no longer using.
  5. Throw away unnecessary boxes/packaging that take up too much space.
  6. Every other day make an effort to put away any items making your living space look cluttered.